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Live the dream, and feel the exhilaration of driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari and Lotus at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Supercar driving experiences

The new Supercar Drive experience puts you behind the wheel of the most iconic and classic Supercars on a renowned circuit. This is a Supercar appreciation experience and not a race experience. However, our Supercars are engineered to provide an unparalleled driving experience to match the vehicle’s lines and spectacular sound. Regardless of your budget or preference, this will be an experience of a lifetime for you or the person you gift the experience to.

Choose between driving three iconic Supercars or drive them all!

Ferrari Driving Experiences

Ferrari Modena 360 is unquestionably one of the greatest performance cars of all time. The Prancing Horse’s sleek lines, aluminium space frame and breathtaking responsiveness is impossible to describe. Its style, unequalled. There’s only one way to know why there’s more Ferrari lovers than any other luxury sports car… don’t dream it, drive it.

The Cavallo - Ferrari


The Rosso - Ferrari


Lamborghini Driving Experiences

Visually, audibly, magnificent. When people first hear a Lamborghini Gallardo, they do a double-take, heads turn to try and get a glimpse of it. The Lamborghini’s Gallardo creates its own atmosphere with its exotic looks and refined power. Now it’s your turn to get behind the wheel of one of the world’s most remarkable Supercars.

The Potenza - Lamborghini




Lotus Driving Experiences

Quoted by the team at Top Gear “If you really, truly have a passion for driving and the sensations of tactile involvement at every level, the Lotus is about as obvious an answer as water being wet and fire being hot”. There is nothing more agile or animated on track. Want to feel ‘100% Alive’? Choose to drive this machine. 

The Sterling - Lotus


The Britannia - Lotus


Combo Driving Experiences

The Imola - Ferrari + Lotus


The Corsa - Lamborghini + Lotus



on sale now $899.00 [rrp $980]

For the ultimate Supercar drive experience, don’t settle for just one!  Choose one of our epic combo driving experiences for the thrill of a lifetime that puts you behind the wheel of more than one of these iconic cars. 

Feel the sheer power and elegance of the Ferrari as you glide around the track, then switch to the nimble and agile Lotus for a truly captivating experience. Or, immerse yourself in the world of the iconic Lamborghini, with its unmistakable roar and aggressive design, followed by the adrenaline rush of mastering the Lotus’ exceptional handling.

But if you’re ready to go all out, why not drive all three? The Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Lotus are the ultimate trio of performance driving, achieved by very few. Imagine the sheer excitement of consecutively driving all three of these legendary Supercars, pushing them to their limits and feeling the raw power under your control.

The Ultimate Experience Gift or Drive Day Event

Australia's Fastest Gift Idea

Long on choices and short on time? Race to the finish with a Supercar drive experience gift card for the car lover in your life.

Corporate & Team Building Events

Imagine the thrill of a Supercar drive day with your work team or your clients! Book an unforgettable team-building experience or corporate event with us.

Frequently asked questions

Currently, you can drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Lotus when you come to a Fastrack Supercar drive event.  Can’t decide which is for you? You can also choose a combo or choose to drive all three!

Yes! You can buy a Supercar drive experience or a gift experience voucher for someone else – it makes an unforgettable gift for anyone that loves cars.

For any of our drive experiences, there is no age limit, but you need to hold a provisional or full car driver’s licence. Please see our detailed FAQ for more information.

Fastrack Experiences hosts on track Supercar drive experiences for Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Lotus drives at Sydney Motorsport Park, with plenty of dates throughout the year for you to choose from.

Available Dates at Sydney Motorsport Park

Saturday 23rd September 2023

Sunday 24th September 2023

Saturday 18th November 2023

Sunday 19th November 2023

Saturday 9th December 2023

Saturday 10th December 2023